Small group training

Kilo Lift offers small group classes that range from strength, endurance, to HIIT. Our mission with our classes is to give you a personal training experience by modifying movements on the spot per your individual capabilities while still being in a class setting. We focus on the quality of the movement versus the quantity which is why class sizes are limited and must be reserved ahead of time via our app. Our different classes offer something for all levels of fitness, whether you are just starting your fitness journey or you are an experienced lifter.



Time to sweat! LET’S MOVE is a 45 min bodyweight and light weight high rep class for maximum calorie burn.


The one-hour class is designed to develop strength that will translate to your everyday life. Full body movements that will help you move, feel, and look good in and out of the gym!


A strength building program that focuses on compound movements, designed for the individual wanting to track weekly numbers and is ready to load the bar.





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